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Is JK Rowling Writing a Doctor Who eBook?

The Doctor Who 50th anniversary brief story collection – where famous children’s authors were invited to coop eleven brief eBooks for any Doctor – has had a satisfactory share of talented, smashing storytellers adding their substantial talents to a canon.

Is JK Rowling Writing a Doctor Who eShort?

However one name, maybe a many famous author operative today, has been conspicuous by her deficiency from a monthly collection.

Or has she?

You see, Steven Moffat, a male not fearful to fire down a thought or too (and afterwards burst adult and down on pronounced thought until it breathes no more) didn’t boot a thought – in fact, he done an engaging criticism on Wednesday when a member of a assembly asked if Harry Potter and pseudonymous crime author J.K Rowling will coop one of a designed brief stories:

The slur is transparent – J.K Rowling could be reliable as one of those eleven authors! Start removing excited!

This isn’t a initial time a author has been related with a star of Who.

Back in 2008, former uncover curtain Russell T. Davies reliable that he had asked Rowling to write an part of Doctor Who.

In emails published in The Writers Tale and widely publicised during a time Davies commented:

He went on to explain a preference to not embody her in a 2008 Christmas special.

Further to this, rumours abounded progressing this year that a world-famous author would be penning one of these e-shorts, to be gathered in a imitation book after in a year.

So is this a ideal approach to lure J.K Rowling to minister to a Doctor Who universe? Which Doctor should she write for? Who wouldn’t wish to see her coop an part of a uncover itself?

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